Sunday, February 19, 2012

Memory Card Reader (Red) for Hitachi camcorder

!±8±Memory Card Reader (Red) for Hitachi camcorder

Brand : Memory Card
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Post Date : Feb 19, 2012 10:45:05
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Memory Card Reader (Red) for Hitachi camcorder . This Memory Card Reader serves as an ideal connect between your memory cards and your PC. With the USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader, you can easily and conveniently transfer photos, music, graphics, video games and all other data files between your memory cards and PC. Features: The USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader & Writer supports MS,MS-PRO Dou, M2, SD, Mini SD, SDC,SDHC,T-Flash, Micro SD, CF-Pro, CF-Super, XD, etc. Simply plug the Memory Card Reader into a USB port on your computer or laptop directly. USB power supply, no need external power. Support Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista,Mac 10.2 or above. Memory Card Reader with a box convenient to carry. Specifications: Color: Red Interface: USB 2.0 Consumption: DC 5V 500mA Compatible With Hitachi DZ-BX35A DZ-GX5020A DZ-HS300A DZ-MV730A DZ-BX31A DZ-MV780MA DZ-MV550A DZ-MV580A DZ-GX5080A DZ-BD10HA DZ-GX3200A VM-E58A DZ-HS500A DZ-BX37A VM-E230A DZ-GX3300A VM-E535LA VM-E56A VM-H755LA VM-D865LA DZ-GX3100A VM-H620A VM-E110A DZ-MV350A VM-E635LA VM-H720A DZ-MV780A VM-H855LA DZ-MV270A DZ-MV750MA VM-H725LA VM-7400A VM-H81A DZ-MV380A DZ-HS303A VM-H665LA DZ-MV200A VM-E573LA DZ-BD70A VM-H71A DZ-GX20A VM-SPIA VM-E54A VM-E555LA DZ-MV230A VM-E55A VM-E310A VM-E563LA DZ-GX20MA DZ-MV100A VM-7500LA VM-H38A DZ-BD7HA VM-H39A VM-H57A DZ-GX5000A VM-E53A VM-E545LA VM-E220A VM-D875LA VM-H675LA VM-8400LA VM-D965LA VM-E650A VM-H955LA VM-8500LA VM-E575LA VM-D975LA VM-6500A VM-E835LA VM-E455LA VM-H100LA VM-E565LA VM-E465LA VM-D873LA VM-E625LA VM-E521A VM-H765LA

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